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IntellIiConnect IoT Solutions Prices From £2500.00

IntelliConnect accelerates IoT development by equipping businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools that minimize the span from conception to market launch, effectively reducing associated costs. Its user-centric platform is designed to customize solutions that cater to varying enterprise requirements, ensuring relevance and efficiency.

The platform simplifies the integration process for a wide array of IoT devices with its intuitive interface, promoting effortless provisioning and connection within enterprise networks. It underpins secure, consistent device-to-application communication, crucial for reliable IoT functionality.

Real-time monitoring and centralized control form the cornerstone of the IntelliConnect platform. It grants enterprises immediate access to performance metrics and device statuses, facilitating data-driven decision-making. The ability to remotely adjust and refine IoT operations further streamlines process management and enhances productivity.

Above all, IntelliConnect emphasizes security. It incorporates stringent protocols to protect sensitive information and defend against cyber incursions, instilling confidence in companies to utilize the platform for safeguarding their IoT infrastructure. This aspect is essential for maintaining a secure IoT network that enterprises can rely on for their critical operations.

Pricing Options

We offer a range of pre-built Internet of Things systems that can be customised to meet your needs.  For larger, more complex projects, we will create a unique package customized to your specific needs. Our daily rates for Internet of Things development start at £500 per day or £80 per hour. 

Additional expenses related to supplementary services will be incorporated into the final quotation. We take great pride in delivering transparent and competitive pricing while upholding the utmost standards of professionalism, ensuring exceptional quality in all of our undertakings.

Flexible Licensing

We pride ourselves on being transparent and flexible with our licensing. Find out more about our Advanced Technologies Development licensing...

IntelliConnect Core Features

IntelliConnect is more than just an IoT platform, it is an intelligent IoT solution that enables real-time monitoring and management of connected devices using advanced Artificial Intelligence systems. Below you will find some of the core features of IntelliConnect.


Provision & Scale

Effortlessly provision, deploy, and scale millions of IoT devices using the IntelliConnect IoT UI.

Intelligent Systems Assistant

Manage and monitor connected IoT devices using voice using ISA, the Intelligent Systems Assistant.

Data Insights

Gain valuable insights into your business with real-time and historical data from all connected devices.

AI Data Analysis

Unlock the full potential of your data with Intelliconnect's advanced AI algorithms.

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