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eCommerce Services Quotes Plugin, designed to your specific requirements.

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Category: eCommerce Website Design & Development

The eCommerce services quotes plugin is a great way to add E-Commerce functionality to your existing Innov8 Digital Media website. The plugin integrates with your existing design and you can easily request your own functionality to be added during the development process.

The eCommerce Service Quotes system allows you to upload services to your website, where your customers can add them to their quote request allowing you to provide a quote for their acceptance. The system provides real-time invoices and receipts for your customers and allows you to download them for your tax records.


Our eCommerce services products do not include service data import. If you would like us to import your services and categories please purchase one or more data upload packages.

  • eCommerce Services Quotes Plugin
  • eCommerce Management UI
  • Integration With Stripe Payment Gateway