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What is Intelligent eCommerce?

Intelligent eCommerce blends artificial intelligence seamlessly into the online shopping experience, providing tailored recommendations and support to users 24/7. It's the engine behind IntelliStore, revolutionizing how customers interact with products and services online through feature-rich platforms that understand and anticipate user needs. By leveraging advanced generative and traditional AI techniques, businesses can greatly enhance user satisfaction, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and ultimately boost sales. This innovative approach enables more natural and personalized interactions through voice recognition and speech synthesis, allowing shoppers to navigate effortlessly and find what they're looking for without the hassle. Making use of artificial intelligence in eCommerce is no longer just an option; it's becoming a necessity for those aiming to stay competitive in an ever-demanding market.

How Can Intelligent eCommerce Help My Business?

Intelligent eCommerce Solutions utilize cutting edge artificial intelligence to enhance the online shopping experience, offering businesses a unique opportunity to connect with their customers like never before. With features such as real-time personalized shopping recommendations, 24/7 customer support, and intelligent search capabilities, Intelligent eCommerce Solutions drive increased sales, reduces cart abandonment, and saves both time and money. The integration of voice recognition and speech synthesis technology further enhances the shopping experience, enabling customers to navigate and make purchases effortlessly without the need for physical interaction. This seamless, personalized approach not only improves user satisfaction but also positions businesses at the forefront of the competitive online retail sector.

Intelligent eCommerce Solutions Prices From £2500.00

IntelliStore Intelligent eCommerce Solutions offer a revolutionary shopping experience for your customers. With our AI-powered platform, visitors can interact with your store using voice recognition and speech synthesis technology, allowing for a seamless and personalized shopping experience. This hands-free experience improves user experience and provides a more natural shopping experience for your customers.

IntelliStore is designed to help businesses like yours succeed in the competitive online marketplace. With IntelliStore, you can increase sales, reduce cart abandonment, and save time and money.  IntelliStore is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to take their eCommerce game to the next level.

Unlock the full potential of your online store with IntelliStore's intelligent eCommerce solutions. View our available solutions below or contact us for a custom quote to revolutionize your online store today.

Pricing Options

IntelliStore packages start at £2500, with the option of complete functionality customisation and integration with 3rd party APIs. Our daily rates for Artificial Intelligence development start at £550 per day or £90 per hour. 

Flexible Licensing

We pride ourselves on being transparent and flexible with our licensing. Find out more about our Advanced Technologies Development licensing...



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